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Commercial Epoxy: When it's Right for Your Business

When you are looking to build a commercial space, there are many different options for concrete flooring. Commercial epoxy flooring is an excellent option because it has a high gloss finish and comes in various colors.  

Commercial epoxy floor coating can be used in schools, gyms, churches, and other public spaces where the floors need to withstand heavy foot traffic. Epoxy coatings also provide increased slip resistance which will help prevent accidents on your business's property.  

In this blog post, we will discuss when a commercial epoxy coating is suitable for your business! 

What is Fort Worth commercial epoxy flooring?

Fort Worth commercial epoxy floor coatings are durable, long-lasting solutions that can improve the appearance of your concrete floors. This type of flooring provides an excellent surface for restaurants and businesses where food prep occurs often, or carts are frequently rolled over it. Additionally, this type of concrete coating works well in warehouses because its low maintenance resists moisture infiltration quickly and garages because it can withstand heavy traffic. 

What are the different types of commercial epoxy?

There are different types of epoxy, including industrial-grade and decorative. Let's explore the differences between these two significant varieties so you can decide which type best suits your business needs. 

  • Industrial-grade epoxy

    Industrial-grade epoxy is helpful for heavy-duty areas, such as warehouses. This industrial flooring is durable and can withstand scuffs and scratches with ease. They're also resistant to chemicals so that they won't be harmed by spills or cleaning solutions. Additionally, this industrial floor coating surface tends to be nonporous, which means there will not likely be any dust accumulation beneath the coating that could affect its appearance over time. 

  • Decorative epoxy

    Decorative epoxy might look similar in terms of color. Still, it's pretty different than industrial-grade types when you compare their durability levels and chemical resistance capabilities. This option works well for retail businesses with lighter pedestrian traffic because decorative concrete flooring shows wear more efficiently than other options. Decorative products are also prone to scratching and scuffing, although they will still offer unparalleled durability than regular floors. 

Factors to consider before getting commercial epoxy floors

Deciding which Fort Worth epoxy floor is right for your business depends on several factors: budget, location within the building, traffic levels, and how much protection you need from chemicals and heavy equipment. 

  • Quality of the epoxies

    The quality of the product will also impact the budget, with low-grade products being priced at a lower price point. High-quality commercial epoxies are more expensive, but they may be worth it in terms of their extended capabilities and high-level protection from chemicals and heavy vehicle traffic. 

    As is often said, "you get what you pay for," and carefully considering the investment of a high-quality product before making a purchase might be necessary to avoid regret later on when it comes time to replace your epoxy flooring again. 

  • What is your epoxy flooring budget?

    To determine what your budget should be for epoxy flooring services, you need to consider several factors. First is the size and type of business that will occupy the space where the flooring has been laid down. A larger company with multiple warehouses in different locations may have an easier time choosing between two or more epoxy floors than a smaller outfit with only one place may find itself limited by its budget when it comes to such choices.  

  • What features do you need for your commercial facilities?

    Next, consider which features are essential to your specific line of work; do you anticipate heavy use from trucks coming in and out? Are chemical spills very common at your workplace? Do you need to accommodate people with disabilities? These are all critical factors that will help determine which features of concrete coating are best for your Fort Worth business. 

What type of finishes are there to choose from?

Consider the different styles of concrete epoxy finishes of commercial epoxy available on the market today:  

  • Standard commercial epoxy flooring

    Standard commercial epoxy flooring is the most affordable option, but it does not come with many features. Most stock options are only available in the matte finish because glossy finishes are difficult to clean and maintain. Additionally, you should be aware that shinier options will show more wear and tear over time because they are more accessible for people to slip on. 

  • Epoxy with anti-slip treatment

    Anti-slip treatment can help protect your employees or customers if they do happen to slip and fall; however, this feature may scratch off over time as it wears down against certain materials like metal chairs. It also comes at an increased cost compared to standard commercial epoxies without anti-slip treatment. 

  • Epoxy with stain protection

    Stain protection is a great way to protect your floor from scuffs, scratches, and other types of damage that can occur as time goes on. While this feature does come at an increased cost compared to standard options or those with anti-slip treatments, it will pay for itself over the long run because you won't have to invest in costly repairs down the road.  

    Stain protection also tends to have a glossy finish, showing less wear and tear than matte finish versions. Though this type of flooring may not suit very heavy traffic areas, the glossiness makes them extra slippery when wetted by liquids like water or chemicals. 

  • Epoxy with antimicrobial treatment

    Antimicrobial treatment is an excellent choice for businesses that deal with food or liquids because it helps prevent the spread of germs and other types of bacteria. It also comes in a matte finish. Thanks to antimicrobial treatment, they will be very easy to clean up if you have spilled on your epoxy flooring.  

    Epoxies featuring antimicrobial treatments are not recommended for areas where chemicals or harsh cleaners may be present due to how the antimicrobial treatment can absorb these substances. 

  • Epoxy with non-slip treatment

    Non-slip epoxy floors are great in areas with heavy traffic because they keep people from slipping, especially when wet or oily due to chemical spills. However, this type of flooring is costly compared to other options available on the market today. 

    Concrete non-slip treatments also tend to come in glossier finishes. They show more wear and tear over time than matte finish versions if exposed to harsh chemical substances like bleach. This type of epoxy flooring is not recommended for areas where water may be present because they are very slippery when wet. 

  • Epoxy with UV protection

    UV protection helps prevent your epoxy flooring from fading over time by blocking out the sun's rays, so it can help keep your commercial epoxy looking newer longer. This type of treatment will also increase cost compared to standard options or those with anti-slip treatments. So consider its worth based on how much you have invested in other features before buying this one, too, if necessary.  

    If you want to install a commercial epoxy featuring UV protection, make sure there isn't anything underneath that could block light. Otherwise, these objects will cast shadows which can cause uneven fading over time. 

  • Epoxy with microban treatment

    Microban treatment is an excellent choice if you want to prevent the growth of bacteria, mildew, and other germs commonly found in floor areas with liquid spills or high traffic. 

    Epoxies featuring Microban treatments tend not to show much wear-and-tear over time. They come with very tough finishes that resist scratches well; however, these surfaces do lose their shine after a while, which could be a downside for some. 

  • Epoxy with a high-gloss finish

    High-gloss finish epoxies are very popular because they're shiny and look great in businesses that want to show off their brands. 

    But these finishes will need to be cleaned regularly with glass cleaner. Other types of cleaners can cause dulling over time, so this option may not always be suitable for your specific line of work if you don't have the available budget upfront to invest in maintenance costs since manufacturers have no extra warranty coverage high-gloss finishes either.  

    Epoxies with high-gloss finishes do tend to last longer than matte finishes. Still, they do show more wear and tear over time because of their shiny appearance. 

  • Epoxy with a matte finish

    Matte finish epoxies are great for areas with high traffic, where a lot of dirt and grime can get stuck in the surface if it's too glossy looking.  

    This type of flooring also tends to be cheaper than other types, so it may not always be suitable for your specific line of work.  

    Matte finishes tend to look dull after some time due to how easily these surfaces pick up scratches which could cause noticeable damage over time. 

    Matte finishes don't show much wear and tear over time if they're maintained well; however, these surfaces do tend to get dirty more quickly because of their dull appearance, which can make them harder to clean. 

  • A high-performance epoxy barrier coating

    High-performance epoxy barrier floor coatings are great for surfaces that need to be sealed well so liquids won't seep through the surface and damage them over time. This type of commercial epoxies can also work as a protective sealant.  

    High-performance barrier coatings do last longer than standard ones because they have better sealing properties. Still, these surfaces need to be maintained more regularly with a sealant. 

  • Heavy-duty epoxy

    Heavy-duty epoxies are also great for areas with high traffic. Still, these commercial flooring solutions can be used in more extreme environments, such as factories or warehouses where a lot of dirt and grime could potentially damage the surface if it's not sealed well enough.  

    These types of surfaces tend to last longer than standard options because they have extra protection from wear and tear, so this option may not always be suitable for your specific line of work unless you need something extra durable.  

    Heavy-duty epoxies aren't meant to look good either due to their dull appearance, making them harder to clean than other types, even though dirty spots won't show up on these finishes as quickly.  

    Each has specific characteristics, but they're generally better suited in certain capacities than others; we recommend carefully considering your uses case when determining which type and finish would be optimal for your business.  

  • Epoxy lifespan

    It's also worth thinking about how long you expect this flooring installation to last; if it's just temporary until you move to a new facility, then perhaps the lower-cost option is best. If the floor is something you expect to stand up to heavy-duty use for many years, it's worth investing in high-quality commercial epoxy flooring that will hold its color, shine, and a long lifespan. 

  • What colors will fit my commercial space?

    Finally, consider the different colors available on the market today! Commercial epoxy is most commonly found in standard gray color, but they're also offered in many other varieties for a unique look. This can be an excellent opportunity to express your business's personality and give it that extra something special, but make sure you choose a color that will fit your business's existing décor. 


Ultimately, these are the factors that only you can answer as they relate directly to your business and its needs and will help you make an informed decision about commercial epoxy flooring for your business. 

It is important to remember that this flooring is a long-term investment. Epoxy flooring brings with it peace of mind knowing that you are investing in safety for your employees and inviting the first impression for your clients and the ability to withstand heavy foot traffic.  

Knowing what you want will save you time and money! Epoxy Fort Worth can help with this process. Give us a call (817) 242-2587 for a free estimate, or visit our website at today to learn more about how we provide high-quality work that meets all of your specific requirements within your budget. 

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