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Frequently Asked Questions

Epoxy flooring is becoming increasingly popular. More residential and business owners are seeing the value of using this flooring system.
This will provide you more insights about epoxy and its uses as well as its benefits. We hope that this will help you to finally decide on choosing this kind of flooring for your office and home.

Here in Epoxy Fort Worth TX, USA, we will assist you in achieving the floor you desire. We want to help you know more about the industry and do what you want to apply on your floor.

We have listed below some of the popular questions about epoxy flooring.

What is Epoxy Flooring?
Epoxy is a kind of plastic adhesive that when mixed with resin and hardener produces a distinctive type of chemical compound. This unique material has a variety of uses for electronics, fiber optics, and many other applications.

Now, epoxy flooring is the kind of coating that when placed on concrete floors, provides additional protection on it. It's also useful for aesthetic purposes.

What are its uses and benefits?
There are many uses and benefits that we can derive from an epoxy coated floor. First, it can be used for both commercial and residential flooring needs. Many people are turning to this kind of service because of its many advantages.

Aside from the protective layer that it provides to the concrete underneath it, it also secures the floor from fewer scratches, cracks, stains, moist, and any other damage to the floor.

It also helps you lower costs for maintenance. Cleaning it is also not a big of a problem. It's the perfect sealant that you can use.

Is it durable?
When it comes to durability, epoxy floor coating adds value to the already heavy-duty component of concrete. Floors as such have a longer life span compared to wood and other floor types. Just consider these floors are being used in places with heavy people traffic like hospitals and office lobbies. It is the kind of overlay that if properly installed and maintained, it will help you reduce expenses because of its dependability and strength.

Is it safe?
The chemical compounds that comprise an epoxy flooring are resins and hardener. They are not hazardous at all.

Now, where do the fumes come from?

Mostly the fumes that generally come out from it originate from the paint that's mixed with it, or it can be from the freshly painted concrete that the epoxy coat will cover.

The best suggestion is to wear a protective mask and gear so that the fumes will not be directly inhaled during installation and curing.
After curing, you can walk on it, sit on it, and have other activities that you can do with it. In the long run, epoxy floor coats pose a danger of slipping. These floors become slippery when they get wet.

How about maintenance?
Maintaining epoxy floorings is very easy. Typically, you would need to clean it every three to four months. You can even water hose the whole floor and leave it to dry. You can also use a soft-bristled mop to do the job if done routinely.

If there are stains like rust that can't be removed easily, you can apply hot water on it and then do some light scrubbing with your kitchen pad. Don't use abrasives because it might damage the coat.
Also, don't use cleaners that contain acids. It may affect its shiny appeal and brilliance.

6. Can you make different designs and patterns in epoxy?
Yes. You can infuse swirls, colorful patterns, and artistic designs on it. Some even create 3D art that looks so realistic you will be amazed at how people can be so creative. The imagination is endless.

7. How long does it take to install and cure?
It depends on how big is the floor that will be coated. The first stage includes preparing the concrete floor like making some repairs, grinding, and cleaning it. This may take a few hours.

The second stage involves mixing the epoxy, resins, and hardener altogether, which may take a few minutes to incorporate all the ingredients.

After that, pouring the mixture onto the clean concrete layer and flattening it which may also take a few hours. On average, it takes 1-2 days to cure so people can walk on it. If vehicles move on the surface, you have to wait for 5 days for that to be allowed.

8. What's the cost of epoxy flooring compared to other types?
Having an epoxy floor coat will not hurt the budget that much considering the long term benefits and low maintenance requirements. It's cost-effective compared to wood and other types.

If you combine the expenses for both installation and maintenance, it outweighs everything in terms of scalability and performance. Costs can start from as low as $3 per sq ft up and up, depending on the floor size, designs and other elements you may wish to include in the process.

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